Lenormand Card Meanings


As you probably know, Lenormand is a divination system. It is an oracle, but not just an oracle. It is definitely not a unicorn-fairy-cherub fluffy, affirmation-like oracle like most of the ones you can find out there. Lenormand has this vintage fatalism which takes you back to dark and mysterious divination parlors from 18th century Paris.

Lenormand has its own rules and it reads like a language. Cards have simple meanings, which are usually not influenced by the details you can find in the illustrations (unlike Tarot, where you would start looking at the object each character is holding and what they are wearing...). You can look at the details, and sometimes it helps, specially the directionality of the cards. But most of the times you can get a quick and clear answer just by knowing what the cards mean. You read each card like a word and try to make a sentence with the cards you lay on the table. Answers to Lenormand queries tend to be simple, clear and direct.

I usually see divination systems this way: Tarot has good conversational skills, and likes to have a long talk and discuss the pros and cons of everything. It also enjoys telling you off and pointing out where you are being lazy or what you should be doing. Lenormand, on the other hand, is like this good old friend who likes to say things bluntly and can sometimes be hurtful (in a Knight of Swords kind of way).

It doesn't matter what Lenormand deck you own: if your deck has the standard 36 cards with the standard 36 Lenormand card names, you are good to go. I'm not a fan of decks with creative names and extra cards, specially not if you are a beginner. I somehow find it confusing when anchor becomes "the stone" and birds is called "crows" and so on. I just like plain, old, Lenormand meanings and names. But I do like pretty illustrations, though, so this is how the Modern Sibyl Lenormand deck happened. I was a little fed up of the French classic deck. Nothing wrong with it, and I actually carry one in my purse, but I wanted something pretty. Modern. But simple. Without extra baggage and strange card names.


What follows is (going to be) a list of the meanings of Lenormand cards. At first they may not be in order, as I will pick a card from my deck each day and keep adding them for one month until the list of meanings is complete. 

A big "yes". A present. Something happy.
Tends to have negative connotations. Refers to painful things, repetitive events, repetitive movement. I liked the idea of including a slight infinity symbol in the movement of the whip in this card.

Messages. Written words. Things on paper.

Stability, long term, firm foundation.