How to start your book of shadows (BOS)

Many young Witches come to me with this very common question: how can I start my Book of Shadows? A question which doesn't have a simple answer, but after a few years hearing it (and reading it) I decided to do something about it. That's how I started writing my book, The Solitary Witch's Green Book, which started as as six-week course and quickly became a brief  but dense reference book for beginner (and not so beginner) Witches. It wasn't much after starting writing that a designer friend of mine, Rebecca, commented on how nice it would be to be able to buy a pretty notebook specially crafted for beginner Witches. And, lo and behold, together we started to brainstorm on the best way to create The Solitary Witch's Green Journal, which would be sold as a companion notebook to write in while reading my book. This journal is available for sale as of today, and you can find out more about it clicking here.