The Solitary Witch's Green Book

Today is a very especial day for me. Not only because of the date, the 11/11, but also because, after more than one year awaiting for this moment, I am finally able to announce my new Witchcraft book is available and for sale! For all of you who have supported me during this journey, I can only say THANK YOU. Thank you, Universe, for allowing me to spread my message, and thank you, my dear ones, for helping me stand up when I was about to give up. Peace to all, and let's celebrate together.
You can find out more about my new title, The Solitary Witch's Green Book, clicking on this link.

This is a really great book for beginner and not-so-beginner Witches. Because I know how hard it is to start a book of shadows and to actually dive into magic and Witchcraft without fear and doubt, I think this book will become an unvaluable tool for all modern and time-poor Witches out there.

solitary witchcraft book

I really made an effort to include everything you might need to know to start not only casting spells but actually living as a Witch confidently. I tried to avoid long and boring chapters about the story of Witchcraft, nor did I write just a couple of my own spells for you to reproduce without thinking. The idea is to empower every Witch to do things THEIR way, to add their personal touch and to be able to walk alone in the dark, shining their very own, special light.


  1. I just bought the book! I'm exploring all "Witchy options."
    There is something about a green witch that resonates with me. I love, being out in nature as well as planting . Most say I have a green thumb! My interest is to become and herbalist and learn all I can about plants and herbs. Create spells and potions to heal and bring fourth a better way of living. I feel a sense of calling to this duty. I'm not a young man anymore. You can say I'm "Middle Age." Maybe I'm too late to start this journey. However, this gutt feeling I cannot deny. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for reading my book. I hope you enjoy it and find useful ideas. Love, B.