Review of the White Sage Tarot in a tin

The White Sage Tarot deck is one of those which you have to love as soon as you see it. I usually love decks with busy artwork with lots of symbolism, but this one made me feel calm and serene as soon as I saw it, with its light colors and expressive but simple artwork. For someone who spends 24/7 worrying about Every Single Thing a calm and serene Tarot deck seemed to be the way to go at that moment, so you can imagine what happened next...
This is a minimalist Tarot deck but -beware!- its minimalism doesn't mean it is plain or lacking information. You do have to pay attention, but the messages are there if you want to make the effort to read them. The color palette is sixty shades of grey and white (which I love) blended with soft and calm pastels. The illustrations make you feel warm, fuzzy and cozy in a strange but comforting way. Well at least this is true for myself. I think this would be a perfectly suitable Tarot deck for a child or anyone who doesn't like scary looking art.
white sage tarot review
This is the White Sage Tarot. To the left the tin, small and practical, and on the right my two favorite cards from this deck: Death and The Star

So I had been removed from the new-decks world for quite a while, because it is so tempting to back all those pretty Kickstarter decks out there. That's why I seem to have missed this one, and I didn't even know it existed until a couple of weeks ago, when someone posted a picture of an intriguing "chakra" tarot reading online.

It seems the author of this deck had a very innovative (and maybe brilliant) idea, and she decided to include symbols of the chakra linked to each Tarot card meaning. The information can be found in the little white book but you can also guess it if you look at each card closely, specially the minors, which include color coded ribbons which tell you which chakra the card is connected to. I still haven't been able to discover whether the whole chakra-Tarot link was completely made up from scratch by Hutch, or whether there has been already some research or any published materials from other authors about the subject. In any case, if you are into New Age, yoga and such, you might find this deck very useful for chakra work, shadow work and self reflection.

This is not a paid review and the opinions expressed are my own, and have no link with the author. Otherwise if she is reading it, I want to say hello! Good work with the White Sage Tarot!


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