How to Answer Yes/No Questions With a Tarot Deck

I must say this is not my favorite type of tarot reading but, let's face it, half of our querents want us to answer yes/no questions on a daily basis! 
how to answer yes / no with the tarot

Some tarot readers will simply say "no" to such enquiries.
Most New Age tarot readers consider Yes/No queries too simplistic, and I have even read comments about how "the Tarot is not meant to answer yes or no, as it has much more depth than that and such questions are almost an insult to its vas knowledge". Some other often mentioned reasons are the ability of each individual to change their own fate by making use of their free will (many readers, I among them, believe that our fate is not set in stone and there are a few things we can do to redirect it in the direction we want, at least to a certain degree). Some readers are commited to offer mostly psychological help to their querents, more than divination services, but this can get frustrating for clients who are used to the typical "fortune tellers" from TV.
So, what is a modern Tarot reader to do? As much as I can understand the frustration of all the well-trained readers who want to give you advice and help you manage your life and take care of your free will, I can also understand the even deeper frustration of the client (who is sometimes even paying for that reading...) who just wants to know whether he is going to become a worldwide famous rock star one day or not.
Yes, we have free will, and yes, there are steps my fifty-year-old querent could take to become a rock star, but maybe -just maybe- this is not going to happen for him in this life, or it's going to be reaaaally hard to achieve, and I see nothing wrong in suggesting this might not be the best goal to pursue if the Tarot cards tell me so and he has some alternative ideas.
I use a very easy technique for Yes/No questions and I must tell you I have been so successful using this technique that I am sometimes scared to ask questions for myself because I actually prefer not to know the answer (we Tarot readers can be so weird sometimes, can't we?).
This technique to answer Yes/No with a Tarot deck has some bonus points, as it gives me some extra information such as whether it will take a very long time or not, what should happen first, what is blocking a "yes" answer, what will happen if we get that "yes" we are longing for, etc.

Blessings to you from the Solitary Green Witch Beatrix.


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