First impressions of the Ghost Tarot of Lo Scarabeo

Oh, the Ghost Tarot. I had been in love with this deck since it came out. I was always hesitant to get it, because -let me make a confession here- I don't like keeping in my house decks with "scary" images. As much as I like the occult, esoterism and magic, I am reluctant to have skeletons (or better said, decks featuring skeletons and such) in my closet. But the thing is, this deck isn't scary -at all. It's such a kind, loving, romantic deck. There are no scary ghosts in here. You will find many supporting, loving, regretful ghosts instead. There might be a couple angry ghosts here and there, but they are quite kind -at least for my standards. It actually features the most beautiful three of swords I have ever seen.

3 of swords ghost tarot
The three of swords from the Ghost Tarot might be the most beautiful 3 of swords I have ever seen.

So last week I had a hard situation to solve. I had to do something I really, really, didn't want to do, but I had to. And well, I did it, so I decided to reward myself with the Ghost Tarot deck by Davide Corsi. I have noticed there are two versions, the one from Lo Scarabeo and the one from Llewellyn. Lo Scarabeo happened to be reduced at that moment so I chose that one, although, looking back, I have started to wonder whether that was the best decision. Don't get me wrong, I DO love this deck, but the paper... I'm not completely sure. I haven't seen the Llewelyn edition in person so I can't comment on it.

Anyways, This might not be the best beginner deck, I have been reading tarot for years and you will notice in the video I had some trouble recognizing the cards at first sight! They have no text on them, which makes them harder to recognize, too.
All in all I love this deck, I am so glad I got it, but watch the video to discover all about it and watch my quicky deck interview!


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