How to become a Green Witch

Are you a new Green Witch? Do you think you might be? What is a Green Witch? What is Green Witchcraft? Maybe you are asking yourself all these questions right now, and dreaming of Green Witchcraft Spells and nightly walks in the forest. I may be able to help a bit with the subject, if you give me a second...

how to become a green witch

If you have arrived here, hopefully you know already what a Witch is. With this I mean a true, and hopefully modern Witch. I'm not writing here about those in fairy tales, nor the ones you can see in movies. I don't know about other Witches, but I can tell you most of the ones I know can't or won't make sparkly spells nor use spell ingredients such as dragon's teeth and unicorn hair to boil in their cauldron on the fourth night of the fourth month. No, Green Witches are more into things like parsley and thyme, mixed with a sprinkle of Moon Water. Some new Witches are somehow disappointed to learn that Witchcraft is more of an art and a spiritual practice than a firework show. 
Sorry, really. I sometimes wish I could use my magic to make someone disappear and leave me alone, but things don't usually work like that in our physical world. 
There are certain rules and conventions we must respect, although some Witches have such a great mind power that they might be able to bypass them. Anyways.
I have a tendency to flow like the rivers when I start to write... because this is one of the things Green Witches tend to do: they love Mother Nature, they are one with Her and they may even impersonate Her or certain parts of Her. 
Most Green Witches will need spending time outside. I used to live relatively near a forest until not long ago. I sometimes felt like my battery was running low until I managed to get under the trees, with my boots covered in mud once again. Later I had to move and I was lucky enough to find a place near the Ocean. I don't think I would have been able to survive without the sea, the forest, a river, or any natural area to clear my mind and all the negative energy which tends to attach to my physical body while I live my ordinary life in this mundane world we are force to live in, have relationships in and work in our even more mundane jobs in.
Speaking of jobs. Not that I have managed to leave my day job just yet, but if you want to help a bit, you could buy my book for new Green Witches, based on Traditional Witchcraft (not so much Wiccan). I would be immensely thankful! And if you are reading this article, I suspect this book would be very useful for you anyway on your path to become Witch (of any color). Sending extra bonus blessings your way if you happen to like it and end up leaving a review.

green witch book

Green Witches love plants, herbs and animals. Yes, we do. And we use them for spells, too. Specially herbs and plants, not so much whole animals, because... see next point.

Green Witches think twice before taking a life, because they have a deep respect for the rest of living beings. You may think nobody goes around taking others' lives these days, but... think twice. Think about animal tested creams, about animal suffering for our food or transportation, or because of environmental destruction caused by humans. Many of us are vegan, or vegetarian, or at least very thoughtful of what living beings are sacrifided so that we can keep on living.

Ecology is important for Green Witches. Gaia, Mother Earth, Yemaya, our Gods and Goddesses. They are all a reflection of our environment, or a strong part of it. You can't respect your God(desses) if you don't respect their earthly representatives and their creation. This planet is here for us, but we should take care of it so it will stay here for future generations. Green Witches are Guardians of the Earth, and you will probably spot a couple of them whenever there is an environmental action in your area.

These are just a few traits and characteristics typical of Green Witches. Do you want to become a Green Witch? If the things I described sound familiar to you, you may be on a good way to become one. And if nothing else works, try painting your face green while you do your spells. No, no, I was just joking. But it might work, too!