A review of the Morgan Greer Tarot in a tin

This is a review of the Morgan Greer tarot in a tin. This is a small tarot deck which comes in a handy, beautiful tin. It is very practical to carry with you in a handbag (if you do that... I know I do it).
morgan greer in a tin deck walk through
Real size of the Morgan Greer in a tin
The images are vintage/seventies and the imagery is quite similar to Rider Waite Smith, which makes it very easy to read for beginners, although more colorful and borderless (quite awesome for a relatively "old" deck).
It is actually quite a modern tarot deck as it uses characters from diverse ethnic backgrounds (not many, but somehow remarkable for 1979), and there are a few nude scenes (if your clients are sensitive to that, maybe consider another deck).
I made a video review and a flip-through of the Morgan Greer in a tin in case you want to see the full deck and the rest of my comments.

Thanks for watching my video about this little charming deck!


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