Ostara in the Air and Spanish New Release

Can you feel nature waking up? After all these years of snowy winters I find myself on the other side of the world, watching the waves come and go and feeling the force of Yemaya. But those freezing winters are still in my heart, and the incredible happiness of seeing the first snowdrop flowers is difficult to forget. Ostara is around the corner, and warmer, longer days are waiting for us.

I haven't been bored during the long winter nights, though. We have been working so hard and today -finally- the Spanish translation of The Solitary Witch's Green Book is going to be presented to the public. It wasn't an easy ride, and believe me, the last candles I lit were a couple of weeks ago when we had a power failure at 1:00 AM and I was trying to find my bed, dragging myself away forcefully from the computer (thank Goddess for the power blackout, otherwise I would have gone to bed at 3:00AM, which is terrible for my wrinkles and does make me look like Rapunzel's stepmother. When she is out of eternal youth elixir, mind you).
I'm too sleepy to stage an Instagram worthy picture at this point. But I have an Instagram account, did you know? Find me @greensolitarywitch

If you happen to speak Spanish, or you just want to learn some useful Spanish Witchcraft words, please don't hesitate to have a look at the translation of my book, El Libro Verde de la Bruja Solitaria. And now, if you excuse me, I'm going to have a nap and wake up just in time to watch Ostara bloom...


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