A year and a day: about writing, handfastings and maypoles

When Amy got married to Rory we had no way to arrange a handfasting for them. They were quite disappointed, but, in the end, they managed to get a ring on each other's finger, and have a paper to show to the world just in case.
But what is so especial about handfastings? Handfastings were Pagan weddings when both lovers were tied to each other and they compromised to stay together for a year and a day. After this time, they could renew their vows and become husband and wife, or just part their ways and go in peace. Sounds like a marriage test-drive, and, even if some of us nowadays can't imagine how this could work, others believe such a system would avoid one-too-many divorces, which sadly abound these days.
This might be me, after 347 days, trying to magically send my editor the last draft of my book while having a walk in the forest (image courtesy of Pixabay - darksouls1).

A year and a day ago I started writing my first serious Witchcraft book. It ended up being much harder than planning Amy and Rory's non-handfasting, as my poor editor would be able to tell. I am sure she is right now soaking her achy head in a spa far, far away, while dreaming of Beltane fires and warmer spring days. 
If you want to know more about my book, you can always check out The Solitary Witch's Green Book. Hopefully it will take you much less than a year and a day to read, and you will be dancing around the maypoles in no time, with or without a pointy hat.


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