A spell to enhance your intuition

This is a spell from the book The Solitary Witch's Green Book. It is actually a Tarot card spell, which should be used together with the High Priestess card.for better results. To find out more about my spells and how to cast them properly you can refer to my Witchcraft book, which is available here.

A spell to enhance your intuition

With this spell

my intuition becomes deeper,

my understanding wider,

my knowledge vaster,

and as I get stronger,

so do my magic powers.

Oh, High Priestess,

lift the veil for me,

make my magic powerful,

with each day that I live.

And so it is, so it is, so it is.

Intuition is the key of magic and self-knowledge. Credit to Pixabay for this image, published by Suju.


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